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  • VR-Ready Laptop / Desktop Research

    I settled on the HTC Vive as my VR Platform of choice after a really compelling demo at the MAXON US Offices. I put in my order, and expect my Vive to arrive in just a couple days. At the moment, I’m using a 2013 MacBook Pro – which just doesn’t have the horsepower to…

  • VR Bowling – Day 01

  • Virtual Reality Resources

    Tools VR Headsets VR Viewers For SmartPhone YouTube 360 Videos Sketchfab VR NVIDIA VR Viewer (Android) Content Creation Tools Editing Adobe Premiere Compositing CARA VR toolset for NUKE Adobe After Effects SkyBox by METTLE Training Techniques

  • Learning VR Development with Unity and Cinema 4D

    One of cheap jerseys the bigger initiatives at Cineversity this year is to build up training and tools for creating cheap jerseys Virtual Reality projects with Cinema 4D. There’s no better way to learn than doing – so I’m going to be cataloguing my efforts here. I’ve created a Beeminder with the About not-too-ambitious goal…