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  • VR Bowling – Day 01

  • I Just Copy / Pasted a Script from the Unity Docs, Why isn’t it Working?

    I just tried to copy/paste a script from the Unity Website – specifically a script for quitting the game when the player presses Escape. But then it didn’t work… what went wrong? Here’s the process I went through to discover and correct the issue: I created a new script called “GameController” I pasted in the code […]

  • Adding Text to a Unity Game

    To add a text UI element to your game: Hierarchy > Create > UI > Text A Text object will be added to your hierarchy. To place the text in the upper left corner Select the text object, and examine it in the inspector: Click on the “Anchor Presets” Hold down Shift + Alt and […]

  • Making Objects Float Up & Down in Unity

    Ever wanted to make an object float up and down while spinning in Unity? Well, I’ve written a script for that. Usage Select an object in your Unity project. Add Component > New Script Name: Floater Language: C-Sharp Edit the script Copy & Paste the code below into your script editor. Save the script. Tweak settings […]

  • Getting the Ball Rolling with Roll-A-Ball

    Alright, this one is nearly cheating as I’ve built this project a couple times cheap nfl jerseys now on my own and in class with students. That said, it’s Бердянск been a bit since for I used Unity, so a refresher of the basics seems in order. INTRODUCTION Introduction to Roll-a-Ball ENVIRONMENT AND PLAYER Setting […]

  • Unity 3D for Cinema 4D Users

    Leverage your knowledge with of Cinema 4D to quickly get up to speed with Unity 3D Manipulating Objects Move Tool: W Rotate Tool: E Scale Tool: R1er Quantize Movement / Rotation Hold down Cinema Cmd cheap jerseys / Ctrl (instead of Shift as we do in C4D) To adjust settings Edit > Snap fabulous Settings… Add […]

  • How to Keep up to Date with the latest Unity 3D News

    I’ve wholesale NFL jerseys found wholesale Cleveland Browns jerseys the San following to be wholesale NFL jerseys useful resources: Sign up Ortsübliche for wholesale jerseys the Made with Unity Newsletter. Check Miami Dolphins Jerseys out the Cinema Unity Foulbrood online community. Forums Answers Look for Improvements a ZAMKNI?TA local meetup

  • Learning VR Development with Unity and Cinema 4D

    One of cheap jerseys the bigger initiatives at Cineversity this year is to build up training and tools for creating cheap jerseys Virtual Reality projects with Cinema 4D. There’s no better way to learn than doing – so I’m going to be cataloguing my efforts here. I’ve created a Beeminder with the About not-too-ambitious goal […]