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  • Ultra VR’s Ultimate Tips and Tricks Guide for the HTC Vive

    I stumbled upon this HTC Vive guide at and it seems like there’s a lot of great info, check it out!

  • VR Dev School

    Lee Wasilenko of British Columbia has put together some solid intro to VR Development training at (all the new domain name options still trip me out). I’m enrolled in the Vive Developer Mini Course so that I can start making content for my HTC Vive. Probable first project: adding controller support to my bowling…

  • Space Shooter

    While I’ve taken a few Unity projects from start to finish, I think there’s always a benefit to reviewing the basics. To that end, I’m going through the Space Shooter Tutorial. I’m not much of a videogame player, but I’ve always loved top-scrolling games – which is why I’m particularly excited to start down this…