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  • How to Convert any Molecule to PDB Format to use with ePMV in Cinema 4D

    I’m writing this as a note to myself, so I’m only including just enough detail to figure this out again. Find the molecule on PubChem. For this tutorial, I’ll be using Sodium Alginate. Download the “3D Conformer” as an SDF file. Use OpenBabel to convert the SDF to a PDB file. Use ePMV in Cinema…

  • Free 3D Scan Models for Projects

    One of the more common issues that I run into as a tutorial author is finding assets (models, textures, reference images, etc) that I can use and redistribute. Three D Scans (a project by Oliver Laric) is a wonderful resource for free Royalty Free high-quality models for render tests.

  • VR Bowling – Day 01

  • Unity 3D for Cinema 4D Users

    Leverage your knowledge with of Cinema 4D to quickly get up to speed with Unity 3D Manipulating Objects Move Tool: W Rotate Tool: E Scale Tool: R1er Quantize Movement / Rotation Hold down Cinema Cmd cheap jerseys / Ctrl (instead of Shift as we do in C4D) To adjust settings Edit > Snap fabulous Settings… Add…