Getting the Ball Rolling with Roll-A-Ball

Alright, this one is nearly cheating as I’ve built this project a couple times cheap nfl jerseys now on my own and in class with students. That said, it’s Бердянск been a bit since for I used Unity, so a refresher of the basics seems in order.

    • Introduction to Roll-a-Ball
    • Setting up the Game
      White sphere on blue ground.
    • Moving the Player
  • Creating Collectable Objects


  • Folders are automatically created based on Project Name, no need to create a folder for your project w/ the same name.
  • Using SourceTree by Atlassian to do local Git version control.
  • Add Physics with the Rigid Body Component. Inspector > Add Component > Physics > Rigid Body
  • Collider. Inspector > Dog Add How Component > Physics > Sphere Collider
  • CamelCase -> Camel Case
  • Add scripts directly to the object if you want to add & attach them in one step. But, you need to move it to your Scripts folder manually.
  • Cmd + ' | Open Reference
  • public GameObject camera will create with a field where you can drag in a target object.
  • Playing Audio


  • Add Object: Rt Click on the Hierarchy View > Game Object > 3D Object > …
  • Reset Position / Scale / Rotation: Inspector > Transform > Gear Icon > Reset
  • Create a Material:
    • Ensure you have a Materials folder
    • Project / Materials
      • Right-Click > Create > Material


  • Frame Selected | F

Unity 3D for Cinema 4D Users

Leverage your knowledge with of Cinema 4D to quickly get up to speed with Unity 3D

Manipulating Objects

  • Move Tool: W
  • Rotate Tool: E
  • Scale Tool: R1er
  • Quantize Movement / Rotation
  • Add Object at Origin
    • One cheap jerseys of the bigger differences between Unity and C4D is that new objects default to the camera’s focal point instead of the world origin. While this is cheap nba jerseys a


  • Material Manager -> Project View
  • Object Manager -> Hierarchy View
  • Attributes Manager -> Inspector



  • Color -> Albedo

Learning VR Development with Unity and Cinema 4D

One of cheap jerseys the bigger initiatives at Cineversity this year is to build up training and tools for creating cheap jerseys Virtual Reality projects with Cinema 4D. There’s no better way to learn than doing – so I’m going to be cataloguing my efforts here. I’ve created a Beeminder with the About not-too-ambitious goal of spending at least Collectibles one hour a day during the work-week upping my skills in the VR world.

Starting with, completing the following Tutorials:

I also cheap jerseys China just found cheap mlb jerseys this list of unity learning resources that may be a better place to look Proxy until this list gets built out over time.