Space Shooter

While I’ve taken a few Unity projects from start to finish, I think there’s always a benefit to reviewing the basics. To that end, I’m going through the Space Shooter Tutorial. I’m not much of a videogame player, but I’ve always loved top-scrolling games – which is why I’m particularly excited to start down this road.

  1. Introduction
  2. Game Setup, Player & Camera

    Added a background with an unlit texture. I wish that C4D would allow you to drag an image directly onto an object from the Content Browser.

  3. To create something that shoots:
    1. Add a Quad
    2. Add a texture
    3. Add a Mover script (Set starting velocity)
    4. Turn it into a prefab
    5. Drag/Drop prefabs into the playing game to see the shots move.
  4. Boundaries, Hazards & Enemies
    1. Boundaries allow you to kill objects that aren’t on screen, saving precious resources.
    2. OnCollisionEnter can be used to detect intersections and destroy.
  5. Soring, Finishing and Building the Game